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African music
Not only is traditional African music a form of aesthetic expression, but also an essential part of native rituals. Most important events in the ethnic life, such as births, deaths, puberty, marriages, as well as so called livelihood rituals (farmi...
Christian music
There are 575 music references in the Bible, and the Psalms being the longest book in it is no coincidence. When the world was created, or Jesus was born, the music was heard. The heaven itself is known to be filled with music. Ancient Greeks, Roma...
How to become famouse whithout any money
Today in 2013 the whole majority of people in the world still is divided into two large groups: romantics and sceptics. Ask a sceptic what he or she thinks on the subject of this article, and you’ll most probably get the answer: “Hehe, there ar...
How to become a star
It is quite easy to become a star, they say. Work hard, be talented and follow your own calling, and luck will come your way. Of course, a producer will never be superfluous, as one cannot have too much money. But then, you need at least one more thi...
The birth of rap
What is rap music really: an awful mistake which will soon be forgotten, or gospel truth coming right from the hearts of new prophets? You’ll probably be surprised to hear it, but it’s neither. Rap music is one of the key elements of the hip hop ...

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